Roll-on – Eye care

Roll-on – Eye care


1 year

What's included

Ceale Roll on Eye care
Ceale user manual

Roll-on – Eye care

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1 year

What's included

Ceale Roll on Eye care
Ceale user manual



Roll-on – Eye care

You can look younger

Revolutionnary massage eye care. Brilliant Results that will override the effect of your expensive cream.

Remove dark circles

Improve eye bags

lift and tighen the glance

Soothe and massage

Override the effect of your eye cream

The roll on eye care infuse the nutrients deep into the skin for a better absorption of the serum.

Sonic vibrations

Using scientific vibration it lift, mass the skin and accelerate blood cirlucation

A rested look and brighter eyes

Effectively relieve eye fatigue, eliminate eye bags and dark circles

What women


93 %

tighten and

firming skin

99 %

soothe fatigue and

reduce dark circles

96 %

improve eye sagging and

enhance skin elasticity rejuvenate

97 %

Eye massage allows a better

absorption of the serum

and a more moisturized skin.

How to use video

said goodbye to a tired look

• Sonic vibration will lift your skin, enhance cell viability and restore skin elasticty

• You the roll eye care to deeply infuse your cream and moisturizer

• Say bye to wrinkles, fines lines, crow's feet and dark circles

IPL treatment

Blue light helps to tighten your pores and revitalize your skin

Dark circles are

« formidable enemies of beautiful eyes »