Brush Cleanser + Facial Streamer

Brush Cleanser + Facial Streamer


1 year

What's included

Ceale Facial Steamer
Ceale user manual
Voltage compatibility : Ceale devices are designed for 120V US outlets

Brush Cleanser + Facial Streamer

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Analysez votre composition corporelle grâce à la technologie brevetée de double impédance. Graisse, muscle, hydratation, densité osseuse, obtenez une vue à 360° sur votre corps :

  • 17 indicateurs
  • App 100% gratuite : FitTrack Health
  • Analyse détaillée de votre évolution
  • Idéale pour atteindre votre objectif poids ou sportif


1 year

What's included

Ceale Facial Steamer
Ceale user manual
Voltage compatibility : Ceale devices are designed for 120V US outlets



Brush Cleanser + Facial Streamer

Deep Daily Cleansing For A Brighter You

Lift, firm and tone easily and effectively. 

Deep Daily

Minimize The Appearance Of Blackheads

Minimize The Appearance Of Enlarged Pores

Remove Oil Dead Skin Cell Lift, Firm & Tone The Skin

Sonic Glow Vibrations

Using scientific vibration, channeled by elastic silicone touch-point to thoroughly remove oil, dirt, makeup residue and dead skin cells leaving skin cleaner and brighter.
Vibration lifts, firms, and tones for cleaner, brighter looking skin.

The Beauty of Silicone

Perfect and safe for all skin types. Ultra-hygienic silicone, odor-resistant, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and waterproof. Our hassle-free brush head never needs replacing.

Massage Pattern

Exfoliates skin and helps skin absorb more from your skincare products.

Warm Technology

Heading mode helps pores open up quickly and cleans your face effectively

What Women


99 %

noticed better absorption of skincare products 

96 %

 noticed firmer, toned skin

94 %

noticed less blackheads

92 %

noticed tighter pores

For All Types
Of Skin


Heating Function

6 Intensity


Massage Pattern

Food Grade Silicone Or All Type Of Skin

How To Use Video

The perfect device that leaves your skin feeling cleaner and brighter

• Removes dead skin cells

• Reduces inflammation and tension

• Reduces oil congestion

• Deeper absorption of skincare products

Sonic Glow Technology

High frequency vibration lifts, firms, and tones for cleaner, brighter looking skin

Deep Daily Cleansing That Reduces Oil Congestion.

Indulge In Your Personal Home Spa Treatment

Detoxify And Cleanse For Dewy, Glowing Skin

Unclog Pores

Deep Clean



Dewy Glow

The perfect home spa treatment for softer, brighter looking skin

Detoxify and Cleanse Skin

Opens the pores for a deep clean, effectively removing toxin and impurities

Perfect Relaxation

Wind down after a hard day’s work and give your skin the pampering it deserves

What Women


99 %

felt skin more detoxified and cleansed

96 %

felt skin hydrated and softer

94 %

88% felt face more receptive to skincare products

92 %

experienced less breakouts

How To Do Video

Be Inspired By How You Can Get Dewy, Glowing Skin

• Hydrates & Softens Skin

• Prep Your Skin For Masks, Serums & Treatments

• Steams away impurities & leaves skin feeling refreshed and renewed .

• Use with essential oils for a therapeutic experience

Perfect For All Skin Types

Tech. Nano-Ionique

Nano-sized water molecules  hydrate and soften skin’s surface.


 Ceale Facial Steamer work to detoxify your pores of impurities and dead skin cells. So, say goodbye to breakouts.

Large Tank

Includes 85 ml water tank with ample storage.


Save on average $90$ in comparison to a professional facial treatment

Essential Oils

Enhance your steam with essential oil

Give Your Skin The Deep Pore Cleanse It Desperately Needs

Get your Beauty Skincare ready

Deeply clean your skin



What our Beauty lovers think

Katherine B, Austin-Texas

Lovely skincare routine

“I love coming home after a hard day’s work and unwinding by pampering my skin.”

Courtney A -Lodi - New Jersey

Soft and hydrated skin

“Wonderful!. I’ve never felt my skin feeling this soft and hydrated.”

Samantha B - Berryville - Arkansas

Best spa at home

“The best part? Being able to do it in the comfort of my own home. It’s like having a spa every day!”

Kallya T - Pink Hill - North Carolina

Easy to use

“It’s so easy to use. I can do it anytime of the day, unlimited times without worrying about burning a hole in my pocket.’

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